Monday, August 12, 2013


So, uh..... this is just the teensiest bit late... And by teensy, I mean 8 months. Ahem. Yeah....
I really have been wanting to post these pictures of Drake's 1st birthday since, well, Drake's 1st birthday. And he may or may not be 20 months old already. :} But life gets in the way and priorities get mixed up and excuses get made.... blahdy blah blah.
But here they are now, still as cute as ever. Except for the fact that now they almost make me have a panic attack because, you guys, my baby is SO much bigger than this now! How can this be just 8 months ago?! Parenthood is insanity. High paced insanity.
Speaking of which, his 1st Birthday was an airplane theme. We chose planes because his daddy is going to school to be a pilot, so it's a major part of our life, and because his first year flew by. And now here we are closer to 2 than 1 already... I'm not gonna cry...

The Birthday Boy...
 ...with his beautiful Nana Amy...
...and his cousin Ashton.

                                                                 We set up a photo corner...

 ...and I think the adults had more fun than anyone else...
 .... as evidenced by my Mom and her wonderfully silly fiance, Kyle. :)
Papa Rick and the two youngest.
 The party table...
 ... and our fleet of party favors.
 My [second attempt at my] first birthday cake...
 I was pretty proud of how it turned out (despite the misspelling).
 We were so grateful to have so many wonderful friends and neighbors come celebrate with us.

 Cake time!!

 As you can see, the birthday outfit did not survive the cake...

 The bigger kids played Pin the Propeller on the Plane...

there are a lot of giggles when you accidentally walk towards the wrong wall... :)
 ... and then it was present time!

 Do you see the wonderful rocking horse Kyle made him? I may or may not have accidentally broken it later that night... :S But don't worry, it's ok now! Kyle fixed it.
 It makes my heart so happy to remember how much my Little Man is loved.
Drake and his beautiful Auntie B.

Nana Cindy's necklace is soooo pretty!

Drake and Best Friend Jaime.
 Thank you to all our wonderful friends and family who made my boy's 1st Birthday such a special day. Ready to do it again in 4 months...? Oh geez, I think I'm gonna be sick....

(ps - now I know why I put this off for so long! That just took me nearly 8 hours across 2 days to edit and format all those pictures! Phew!)


  1. Em, you are so creative no wonder it took so long to post this, even your post is creative!!! I only wish I had that talent and patience!!
    This was great, thanks for sharing, finally! Lol
    Look forward to number two!!!!
    Yes, it goes way to fast!! :-)

  2. oh precious pictures and great memories of a wonderful day!!

    you did good :-)

    planning #2 already??

  3. Fab photos - worth waiting for :-) Love the bunting and the photo corner, Alice @ Mums Make Lists x