Monday, August 5, 2013

Drake in Motion

I realized the other day as I tried to show a co-worker some pictures of my son that I have so few recent pictures. I used to take ten a day! Now there were only one or two from the past month that you could really see his smiling face. So over the past week, I've made a conscious effort to try to capture a few more shots of my handsome Little Man. And that's when I remembered that I didn't stop taking pictures of Drake, he stopped holding still for them. Seriously, this kid never stops! He has so much energy and even more curiosity about the world around him. I'm lucky if I get a few moments of sleepy boy cuddles first thing in the morning, and then he wants down and he wants to run. He will stop to play with a toy for a moment, but the instant I reach for my phone to take a picture, he's off and running again. Yarg. I guess I just need a better camera. ;)
I thought I'd share a few "action" shots with you, since they are the most accurate representation of his life right now.


  1. where's the caped, googled, super drake!!??

    he's so darn cute :-) and, all boy.

    1. Mom - I want those pictures so badly! But they are on Kyle's camera, not mine. I will do a whole post just for those if you get them to me!

    2. okie dokie....drop box pictures coming at ya soon!!