Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Unexpected gifts

Two little things have begun to happen that have done my heart a lot of good.

#1 - Drake decided to stop fighting me. Well, at least where diaper changes are concerned. For the past three or four days, instead of writhing and squirming and fussing while I change him, he has laid there nicely and smiled up at me like he used to do when he was just a few months old. He even kicked his legs and flailed his arms a bit like a newborn would do. I think he knew I needed him to be my baby for just a little while longer (the walking thing is really blowing my mind).

#2: When I'm giving Drake his bottle before a bed or a nap, we rock in the rocking chair. It's soothing for both of us; I kiss his forehead or brush his hair out of his eyes and he lays there with his lovey, rubbing it and zoning out. But a couple of times now, he has let go of his precious, soft, comforting lovey with one hand - and reached for mine. Be still my beating heart. My son wants to hold my hand. Holy cow, does that make me a happy momma.

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