Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Oh my gosh, he's a genius

Drake has started trying to say "ball" although it comes out a little more like "baw." They are his favorite type of toy - he loves them in all colors and sizes. He plays with them so consistently and makes the "baw" noise so often, that I wasn't actually sure he was trying to say "ball" at all. But just now, as we were eating our breakfast and watching Sesame Street, there was a basketball on screen. I didn't notice it, because, really, I'm not the one watching the cartoons. My job is to spoon yogurt at a steady rate. But then Drake lost interest in the yogurt and started saying, "Baw! Baw!" and sure enough, there it was, on a table next to Elmo. I was so impressed. The camera angle changed and the ball was no longer in the picture. Drake was silent. Camera angle changes back: "Baw! Baw!" Oh, I'm so proud. You super-smarty pants, you.

1 comment :

  1. well of course he is! he comes from you :-)
    he's a very observant boy.