Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hello in there

It happened last night, though I wasn't sure of it at the time. I was lounging on the couch in my pj's, waiting for Justin to come home from work, and prodding at my expanded belly. -- It's funny how unfamiliar my body feels to me now. My stomach growls in a different spot than it used to. -- And then, oh! what was that?! A little bump, almost like a low rumble, under my fingers. I wanted to say that I had just felt my baby inside me for the first time, but was hesitant since Mom has told me that those early movements can feel a lot like a gas bubble. And believe me, there is plenty of that happening now! Pregnancy does so many fun things to your body.
This morning, however, was undeniable. I was propped in bed with my laptop, catching up on blog reading and emails when, through no prompting or encouraging of mine, I felt a definite thump against my belly. My eyes shot open wide and I froze, nervous to breathe, wanting so badly for it to happen again. And then it did. Tha-thump. Two more times, right in the same spot.
Hello, amazing child of mine. It's so good to hear from you finally. You can't imagine how long I've waited.


  1. Love love love this!!! Love you! Love your baby!

  2. Love the blog! Your writing is fun to read. Oh how I would love to do a blog as well...but I have no idea when I would do it!! Its so cool you are documenting your pregnancy. It is an amazing time...even more amazing is when you get to hold that little bundle in your arms...children bring such joy (most of the time;)!

  3. Mariah! Becca and I were just talking about you today and the fact that you should be doing a blog! But I understand the time constraint. I don't even have the kids yet and I'm having to be very conscious of finding the time. In the mean time, you should try to find time to read at least one more blog because we were also talking about the fact that you would love this blog: You should check it out.
    Love you!