Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Growing, growing, growing...

10 weeks. Laughably non-existent looking at it now.
I love my belly. It's officially a pregnant belly now, has been for a couple of weeks. No more mistaking me for a girl whose putting on a few too many pounds - I'm a momma! (A couple of my girlfriends have taken to calling me Momma. I quite like it.) The size of it surprises me sometimes. I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror or put on an outfit I haven't worn with the belly yet and think, "Whoa, belly!." But it's a pleasant surprise that always comes with a gleeful grin.
I thought I would share a couple pictures of my growing tummy. I haven't taken very many. It's a very hard angle to capture of yourself! So I generally ask Justin to do it, which makes me feel a little silly. "Hey baby, take my picture!" I dunno, it's just not really me. But nevertheless, here are the few we have taken.
17 weeks. Just leaving the doctor's office.
19 weeks. On the way out the door to teach dance.

It has really popped out in the last two weeks! Crazy.


  1. Holy cow, you really are pregnant! In Minnesota, you just looked like you had 45-year-old belly (I know; I compared myself to you when you weren't looking).

    One of my best friends is tiny, just under five feet tall. When she got preganant, there was nowhere for the baby to hide, so she just grew and grew and grew out the front. We started calling her "Big Momma" and I still call her that to this day. And her "baby" is probably 14-ish now. So you may end up being "Momma" for a long time!

  2. WOW You will be such a wonderful mother hun... Miss you tons and so happy for you and your new family member. :D