Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Today, it was spring


The sun was so bright, it actually hurt my eyes, even with my shades on. It shone so warmly through my window on the way into town that I had to take off my navy sweater. That navy sweater was over a daffodil yellow blouse, paired with baby pink skinnys, because the sun insisted I wear Spring colors. I wore my beloved Toms for only the second time this year.
On our drive, the ponds behind town had shed their icy tops and the surface shimmered happily with remembered fluidity. The geese were back. The horses waggled their heads, working out the winter stiffness. When Drake and I got back home, we ran around in the grass and explored the edges of our yard for tiny green sprouts pushing through the grey earth.
Oh, it was lovely.
Tomorrow it's supposed to snow. And for three days, it's supposed to snow. Freezing temperatures and white accumulation. Just in time for my birthday. This happens nearly every year. Montana thinks snow is an appropriate birthday gift for this Spring baby. I love you, Montana, but you got the wrong message. I want blue birds and green buds for my birthday. Sandals and light cardigans. Sundresses and drinks on the patio.
It's ok. You can try again next year.

1 comment :

  1. you want those things because you were born a CALIFORNIA spring baby!! :-)

    it's why this spring baby loves days like that too!!

    wish i could've enjoyed it with you.

    it's gloomy here today. i think the groundhog predicting an early spring was drunk or something.