Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fun New Games

Hi. My name is Drake and I'm really good at coming up with great new games to play with Mommy! This is an example of the Toilet Paper Forts I like to build for her:

I'm also a big fan of Find A New Home. That's where I take important objects and find a new place for them to live. Mom's car keys belong in the vent hole in the floor. My binkie belongs in the flower pot. Mom still can't find my awesome new home for the Orajel.

Another good game is called Giggle and Crawl. This is wear I put my  head down and crawl away as fast as my chubby legs will carry me any time I hear Mom calling my name or coming after me. I like to laugh like a crazy baby when I play this game. It makes me cuter.

My most recent game I discovered tonight during my bath time. I call it: Pretend It's a Rope. I mean, I know I can't actually grab onto running water. Let me show you how you play:

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