Thursday, March 29, 2012

He wears flannel like a real man

{Small Style #5}

That's what I love about this outfit. He looks like such a man in the fleece lined flannel he got from his Uncle Mike. It's funny  how I simultaneously detest the idea of him losing his wonderful baby-ness and adore things that make him look like such a big boy. Motherhood makes you crazy.

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  1. Awww, what a cutie he is in his big boy clothes!

  2. He is adorable and handsome at the same time! So sweet :)
    P.S, My husband (and myself,occasionally) used to be a hip hop dance instructor many years ago :)

    1. Jaime,
      Thank you! I think he's pretty great. ;)
      Two things:
      1-You are the second woman I've known who spells her name "Jaime" rather than "Jamie" and the other Jaime is the owner of my dance studio - Hip Hop Instructor Extraordinaire. Funny.
      2-I love that you have done what I'm doing and now are doing what I want to do. :) Did that make sense?? My dream is to feed my family from my own small farm within five years. Hoping, praying, planning. :)