Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's no way to celebrate a birthday

A doctor's visit, I mean.
Not that two months really counts as a birthday.  More of a milestone really. And not that we don't love our pediatrician. So far,  he has been great with Drake. But at this point in Drake's life, doctor's visits equal shots. And that's so uncool.
Congratulations! You made it to two months! Stab. Four months! Congrats again! Stab. Stab. SIX MONTHS! Stab. Stab. Stab.
It killed me.
Justin and I held his little hands while he lay on the table and cooed at us. We smiled and cooed back; I told him it would all be over so quick. I was comforting myself every bit as much as I was comforting him. I have a serious needle phobia, and though I know he's too young to pick up on it now, I don't want to get in the habit of freaking my kids out at their own doctor's visits. I tried to keep it together as the nurse took out the little tray of immunizations with needles that looked much too long for my Little Man's leg.
Now, I know speed is good where these things are concerned. Get it over with. But seriously, it seems so harsh. "Stab" is not at all an inaccurate verb. Instantly, his eyes flashed open as wide as they would go, and for one small second - I swear to you - he looked right at me with a look of such intense betrayal... Then, all at once, he was beet red and overcome with screams and tears.
"I'm ok. I'm ok." I had to say out loud over and over again. But then I  looked down at my baby boy's leg and there was a dark red streak of blood running down. Now this was completely not ok. Blood, especially my baby's, belongs inside. I lost it: hot tears rolling down my cheeks, trying desperately not to let it turn into audible sobs in front of the nurse.
She was quick. I give her credit for that. And the second she was done she told me to "scoop him up." I did, and we both cried for another minute or so.
And that was it really. A little fussiness for an hour or so. Tender legs - easily soothed by a warm bath.
But still, there ought to be a better way to congratulate our little people on their milestones. If only he could have cake...

Big Man and his Daddy. Two months and two days old. <3

The Stats:
Height: 23 in. (the middle of normal, according to Dr. Reynolds)
Weight: 14 lbs. 13 oz. (The upper end of normal)
Head Circumference: 41 1/4 cm. (Also the upper end of normal. It's all those brains you're growing. ;))


  1. It's absolutely heartbreaking to watch that moment of shock turn into screams of pain on your little one's face at immunization time. I almost lost it too. You just have to remind yourself that it is going to guard your little boy's health, even if it seems like you're torturing him now. He is quite a handsome little (or not so little!) baby boy! Congrats!

    1. Belle - Thanks so much! I certainly think he's handsome. ;) I'm going to have to do some better mental prep before the four month visit rolls around...

  2. sheesh. posts like this make me long to tell you it will get better. its MY desire as a mom to do for YOU, my baby. but, sadly i can't. there will continue to be bumps, bruises, pokes, and blood for years to come. and just when you think the worst may be over, you have grandchildren that make you cry to see them in pain and with the same look as your child - "oh Nana, how COULD you let them do this to me?" add to that the joy/pain of watching your child give birth. as we've discussed i think that even at this stage of my life, i would prefer to have the baby than watch my daughters struggle through it. but then, how can i deny you that immense, overwhelming feeling of triumph at producing a slithery, wet, bundle of human joy!? He is blessed to have you as his Momma. he will understand one day what that means. i love you.

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