Friday, February 24, 2012

Free-For-All Fridays

When you're a blogger, you start reading other people's blogs. When you read other people's blogs, you find links to even more blogs. When you follow links to more and more blogs, you find links to all kinds of things.
What I'm saying is that when you're a blogger, you spend a lot (I mean, a lot) of time on the internet. It's the nature of the beast.
And so I have things I want to share with you that really have absolutely nothing to do with my son or my life as a mother. Up to this point, I've refrained because that's not the point of this blog. But I've decided to give myself a free pass on Fridays to tell you about anything and everything.
So - a few links for you:
I just found Bloglovin, and yes, I'm lovin it. It's a great way to follow a lot of blogs, from different sites (Wordpress, Blogger, personal sites) all in one place. AND you can download an app for your phone. Awesome. You can even follow my blog with Bloglovin
Speaking of blogs I love, please take a minute to visit one or both of these:
Petite Biet: Belle and her husband Gaby raising a beautiful baby girl (Biet) in NYC. It's fun to live a city life vicariously through them. And Belle is wonderful. Her posts are honest but optimistic - a blend I really appreciate. She's also been very helpful to me on a personal level, so I am very grateful for her. The mommy blogging world really is an interactive network, but people like Belle who go out of their way to help someone else out make it feel like a community.
Our Little B Words: I've told you about Alicia Stucky once before, but I am forever in awe of her, so I'm going to do it again. This woman is incredible. Her family has been through so much in the past year, and her spirit and strength have been inspiring. She's an extremely talented writer - so much voice, insight, and humor - handy with a camera, and she has some very cool kids. You won't regret reading a post or two.
For the other Moms out there - check out Totsy. Major discounts on stuff for you and baby. You have to become a member, but it's free.
If you're a coffee lover, check out Find new coffees by entering your criteria (Mine: Organic, whole bean, medium roast). You can start a subscription so you always have fresh coffee coming your way. Plus - I'm excited to have some insider information for you! - if you enter the coupon code BLOGME5, you will receive $5 off your first purchase.
And lastly, I've been drinking my greens lately. I found this recipe through a friend on Pinterest, and it's true, you really can't taste the spinach. Just peanut buttery goodness. :) And now that I've conquered the fear of drinking something that intense shade of green, I feel empowered to play with this idea.

Happy Friday everyone!




  1. oh holy cow - lots of info batmama!! i love the concept though. it'll be fun to check all that out when i have time. enjoy your kryptonite looking tonic :-) love you.

  2. I'm afraid to get into the world of blogging for that very reason; I would never do anything else! Also, I'm OBSESSED with that spinach smoothie. It's hard for me not to go a day without it. So delicious! And I found that frozen banana slices are the perfect afternoon snack when I'm craving something sweet :-)