Monday, June 4, 2012

The Morning Nap

Most days, Drake doesn't last very long in the morning - even though he is the one who insists we get up! - before he needs a morning cat nap. They generally aren't very long  - 30 to 45 minutes maybe. It's like he realizes an hour after we got up, "Man, I was so not ready to be out of bed." So he eats and he passes out. And if we're at home when this happens - if we're not out running some errand of Mom's -  he'll pass out in my arms. This is, by far, one of my favorite times. I let him sleep there, even though it means a very unproductive time for me. (I know that if I expect to keep my house clean, I have to do things while my son sleeps.) But I don't care. I can't bear the thought of putting his chunky little body down. I hate the idea of disturbing his sleep and I'm greedy for time spent cuddling with him. I know it won't last long, this period where he wants me to hold him. It will be over before I know it. And even sooner his thunder thighs will go away, and his pudgy little feet. And his huge cheeks and his pouty lips and his puffy hands - all that wonderful "babiness" will leave one day far too soon. And just look at how sweet they are when he's limp in my arms!

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  1. and he is dreaming all kinds of happy, peaceful baby dreams with the smell of his lovely mama in his nose, and the comfort of her arms around him :-)